Dec 9, 2012

A little catch up...

We've had more successful trips to see Santa.  Santa understood.  He and Ben had a nice talk after I "rescued" Hailey.  This didn't really surprise me.  She's a little...sensitive to strangers.  It comes with the age.

News:  I started a new job last week and have my first day following orientation tomorrow.  I'm excited.  I'll be back in the hospital!  Working for Advocate Christ Hospital. It's closer to home and I'll still just be "substitute teaching" for therapists which means I keep my flexibility.  Should be great!

Also news this week.  After 85 years, 1 loving wife, 4 children, 7 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren, my Grandpa passed away after a mercifully short illness.  Although it didn't seem short in the midst of it. It's well known, and documented how much he meant to me and my family.  It's still so strange that he is gone and we're all still coming to terms with that.  He is reunited with my loving Grandmother, his daughter and son who all went before him to warm things up for him.

My favorite photo of all time!  The Huling girls with Grandpa, Halloween 1982.

 One of my favorite memories is of him playing the first dance for me and Brian at our wedding in 2006.  It was a piece he wrote for my Grandmother as a wedding gift to her called "The Love Waltz."  No one has a better first dance story than that!  Thanks Grandpa!

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