Dec 17, 2012

Wellness Visits

That's what they call them now, wellness visits.  And we happened to have Ben's 4 year physical and Hailey's 18month physical this afternoon.  Ben is as healthy as ever.  He was such a good patient.  Sat so calmly, followed directions, amazing.  He is 43inches tall and 41lbs (Brian recalled those numbers), and Hailey is 35 inches long and 26lbs.  For Ben, I have no idea where this puts him chart wise, they didn't say, all they said was "HE IS TALL!"  We'll look it up.  Hailey is way off the chart for length, like at least an inch above the curve for length, and 75% for weight.

And yes, Brian was with me to help me with taking both kids because we just returned from Kalamazoo for my Grandpa's funeral which was yesterday (Sunday December 16).  It was nice to be with everyone and celebrate, but know.  Nice that Brian got the day off so we could stay over.  Work our way home, get kids to doctors, errands, all that stuff.

Hailey and Grandma, December 15, 2012

Aunt Lenore, Hailey, and Grandma, she's really getting used to other people!  Finally!

Hailey and Aunt Maggie had a special connection!
Hope all is well!


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