Nov 14, 2008

Birthing Class Quiz!

Are YOU ready for a baby? Take our birthing class quiz and find out for yourself!

Just send $9.95 to the address below and you can be well on your way to being parents!

Or just take the quiz that Patti and I had to take on Day 2 of Baby class:


Proceed at your own risk!


1. A baby lives inside of his/her mother's _______________, a strong balloon shaped muscle that contracts during labor.

2. A mother's ________ must _________ to 10 centimeters so that her baby can be born. It must also completely __________, which means thin out.

3. A baby turns and drops further down in the pelvis before labor begins, usually during the last month of pregnancy. This is called ___________.

4. When a pregnant woman feels like she has to immediately prepare for the baby, possibly by cleaning the house or setting up the crib, she may be experiencing the ________, which is a sign of pre-labor.

5. If the bag of waters, or _____________, breaks, a woman can expect to be in active labor within 24 hours.

6. Forceful contractions, occuring at regular intervals during labor push the baby further down in the pelvis.

7. When babies turn inside the pelvis during active labor it is called ________. Most babies turn to face their mothers' backs, called the _______ position. If they turn and face their mothers' fronts they are in the ________ position, which may cause a more difficult labor.

8. The baby's osition relative to the spines of the pelvis is called ______________.

9. Babies skulls are made up of five separate ________ that mold together to help them fit through the birth canal, or the _________, for birth.

10. A baby's head crowns at the +3 or +4 pelvic station, when it no longer slips back between contractions.

11. The _____________ is clamped and cut after birth because it no longer supplies the baby with food and oxygen.

12. The third stage of labor is marked by the delivery of the _________, a special organ created specifically for pregnancy.

13. Breastfeeding speeds the process of ___________, when the uterus contracts and shrinks.

Okay, now that you've survived the quiz, go back and fill in the blanks like a Mad Libs! Much, much more fun the second time me.

- Brian!

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