Nov 9, 2008


Well, I can't believe I'm blogging! I was so proud of myself for not only keeping up with my email but now being on Facebook, of all things. Now I have to keep up with a blog. Hopefully, between phone, email, Facebook, and now a blog we can all feel connected! What on earth did we do before all this technology. Sometimes I do miss good, old fashioned letters.

Baby boy Bishop is growing steadily. He's constantly on the move in there. I think he has quite the sense of humor, actually. It's starting to get pretty interesting the way he reacts and interacts with me and what's going on around me. If I push him around a little, he'll push right back plus some. He also seems to react to Brian and Abby in very different ways. Brian tends to calm him. As soon as Brian reaches in, he chills out. He reacts pretty strongly to Abby on the other hand. I think Abby is quite curious as to what the heck is going on with her Mom's body. She looks at my tummy very inquisitively. If we're lying on the couch or bed together she'll gently lay her head on my belly like she's listening. That's usually about when Little Man Bishop will kick hard right into her like, "Hey, this is my space right now!" Abby is really gentle with me right now. She has gotten out of the habit of crawling on me to cuddle which I sort of miss. She's going to be such a good dog to have around with a little one.

As far as our home renovations go! We have spent this weekend working hard on painting Little Man Bishop's room and the spare bedroom that were damaged (and FINALLY rebuilt) after the storm. After much soul searching, we have started to paint Little Man's room blue. I know, I know! We always said we weren't going to do that. But we do want a blue room and why not make it his? We'll get some pictures up soon. It's a nice blue, some gray in it. We had to be careful not to make it too "little boy blue," or Carolina blue, or anything like that. The other room ended up a bit more brown than I thought it would, but we still like it. We were going for a bit more neutral and warm for our guests that we hope to have many of.

Painting has been quite an experience this weekend. With me being eight and half months pregnant, and having helped paint some rooms in my parents house years ago, and Brian who has never painted a room in his life. We're learning well though, and no real fights to speak of. We wanted me to stay out of the fumes as much as possible even though we got low odor paint. So, I got stuck doing all the prep work, like washing walls, and taping. This proved to be quite painful by day two! I did do some painting. Unfortunately the painting I helped with were the rails so I was bending down for that, too. There are muscles in my back and hips that I forgot existed! A few hours ago I finally had to throw in the towel and leave it to my very capable husband to work on it some. It doesn't help that I've been fighting a bit of a cold, too. I just want to help so bad! I'm nesting for goodness sake! My house is in shambles around me, I'm about to have a baby and I just want to help put it back together! But, I have to stay realistic of my limitations and rest and take care of the Little Man. Not to mention, I'm afraid of how I might feel tomorrow when I have to return to work! Yikes!

For those of you keeping track, I have approximately seven weeks to go, give or take. Everything is going well and normal. My check ups have been unremarkable, perfect in fact, right on schedule. I have been having more and more frequent Braxton-Hicks contractions. These are something else! Not painful, and totally normal for this far along. Just kind of freaky how hard my entire stomach gets.

We've also started our "Birth, Babies, and beyond" class over the past two weeks. This has been fun. I haven't learned too much, yet. I mean, I have five nieces and nephews by sisters who talk, and I work in healthcare! We did get to watch "the video" last week which freaked me out a bit. I am looking forward to the next couple weeks, which according to the agenda, seem to focus on how my partner can help me during the birth process, including massage techniques! I'm hoping they give Brian lots and lots of homework!

Well, I think that's about it for now! We'll figure out how to get some video from our new camera on here and I'll have Brian show me how to post some pictures. Hope this finds everyone well!


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