Nov 16, 2008

Moving into our house of 8 months!

Well, it's been a longer road than we thought it would be. I really thought this would get done sooner. Who was I fooling!? But here it is! This weekend, we touched everything up, pulled off all the blue tape and started moving back into the two rooms that were damaged nearly two and half months ago with Hurricane Ike! It's been a real learning experience for both of us. And now this weekend Brian is fighting the same cold I was griping about a week ago. We worked through it, though. No time not to. Baby Bishop is on the way. Today we plan on cleaning the rest of the house that has had to take the slack from the part under construction and then FINALLY go buy a crib and other necessary baby furniture that our guy will need in just 6 weeks (give or take).

I have posted a short video on the progress of those two rooms. Abby is giving you the grand reopening tour! She is so happy to have her room back, too, as you can see on the video. This has been hard on her and she has become just a little neurotic, but I think she'll get over it. As you can see, she is settling right back into her room. I mean...our guest bedroom that is reserved for family when they come visit Baby Boy Bishop...yeah, that's it, the guest's room!

Other than our house getting put back into shape, not a whole lot going on here. We're resting a lot when we can being as Brian's got my old cold and I'm getting more and more pregnant by the day. The baby is thriving, though! He's rolling all over and has found my right rib cage to be a fun toy. Recently, I have found that sleeping is getting harder and harder to do comfortably. I don't think there are enough pillows in the greater Chicago Area to get me totally comfortable. The worst part is any time I have to move I need to be awake to do it! I can't just move with ease in my sleep anymore! I wake up with an entire leg asleep, or achy shoulder, and it takes quite an effort to flip over. But, at least I can fall right back asleep and I'm taking advantage of these last couple months of sleep!

The Braxton-Hicks contractions are getting a bit more intense, and I think it's the cold weather. I'm still trying to exercise some, and that means walking Abby around the neighborhood. The colder it is, the more my stomach tightens up with contractions and I need to stop every so often. Still nothing painful, or anything, just gets my attention. Abby doesn't seem to mind. She'll just stop and sniff a fence post or something until Mom is able to walk again.

Our birthing class is still in progress. I can't believe Brian posted our quiz from last week! We got 100% by the way! Last week he started learning how to do different massage techniques. All I can say is...HOMEWORK HOMEWORK HOMEWORK! No more horror movies, and by that I mean birthing videos.

I think that's it! Hope all is well with everyone! We love you all and keep in touch!

The Bishops

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