Jan 2, 2009

Happy New Year's!!!!!

Hi everyone - Happy New Year.

We are back at the house. I worked for one day and am now back at home. Patti took it easy with her mom today. Ben was being Ben. Sleep, eat, wheeze. Rinse and repeat.

We were in the hospital - a great experience at Hope Children's Hospital in Oak Lawn - for New Year's Eve. Carson, Ryan, and Dick were all there with us. Patti and I sipped on Sparkling White Grape Juice of the finest year. Ben was sipping...well, you know what Ben was sipping.

Here's a clip from the ball drop - as always, delayed from New York because we're not East Coasters anymore:

The next morning was really nice, as Ben's stats were up. His O2 was constantly high (but still not great). He was weezey and snotty, but you'd expect that from a sick kid. We got to go home that afternoon and spent the rest of NYD resting and watching football.

Good win for the Hokies, representing the ACC in the big bowls.

Alright, I'm out because we have some monstrous enchiladas to eat. Very nice!

- Brian

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