Jan 9, 2009

New Video of Ben

A little update on the Bishop household. I think I'm figuring out how to upload videos. It's kind of a pain! Anyway, I think I got some cute video of Ben today and wanted to share it. I think it would be cute even if I wasn't his mother! He's really starting to coo. Sometimes he seems really surprised that he's making that noise. I still haven't been able to capture a smile, but I swear they're happening.

As far as Abby's adjustment. It keeps becoming more and more apparent that she is not too happy with our new addition. Yesterday, I was doing some housework and pulled the bag out of the garbage. I left the room for a little while and when I returned Abby had fished through the garbage, only to remove a wrapped up diaper. She proceeded to carry it over to the rug and lay down next to it. She didn't pull anything else out of the garbage, nor did she chew up the diaper. It was almost like she was saying "you want me to?!" It's like we're pushing her over the edge. Today, she decided to empty out the bathroom garbage and tear up as much tissue as she could. When I discovered it and called for her, she REFUSED to come in the room. She knew! She gladly goes where ever we want her until now!

I'm feeling better, actually got a few hours of sleep last night. Ben is feeling really good! He's still a little stuffy, but nothing he can't handle. He's wanting to do nothing but eat ALL THE TIME! Which is a good sign that he is feeling better. He is getting bigger. He now fits into his "newborn" clothes rather than him swimming in them. I'm being ridiculous, I know. I find myself getting sad already that he is growing up too fast.

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