Jan 28, 2009

We had some visitors!

Well, we had some company this past weekend. We FINALLY got to meet Jackson James Trice. My best friend's son who is just a few weeks older than Ben. Yes, he's a few weeks older than Ben, and yes, Ben and him are about the same size! Our little man is growing very fast. I do swear that I wake up and look at him sometimes and he has grown over night. But back to our visitors. Jen, Scott, and Jackson Trice, and Tim, Sandra, and Tristan St. Peter all came from the Detroit area. We had a blast. It was so nice to be with the old gang. Boy how times have changed. What used to be long nights getting "silly" at the cottage, were now midnight feedings, and most of us up by 6:30am and feeling rather rested by that. We spent all our time shooting the sh**, holding our babies, and chasing Tristan around. He's 18months old and gave me a nice little glimpse into my near future. My house is SO not ready for a toddler! It will be, though.

Ben has had a good week. I feel like we're going a little bit longer between feedings now. He is more awake during the day and very interactive. His favorite things to do are watch Abby and be face to face with me. There are more frequent smiles now, too! I almost caught one on camera! He is just so precious!

(On the couch, Ben is wrapped in the blanket, and Jackson is getting some tummy time. In the bouncy chairs, Ben has his blanket under him, Jackson is on the left).

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