May 12, 2009

An almost poopy in the bathtub!

I had to blog. I was almost initiated into a whole new club within the motherhood! The poopy in the bathtub! I thought I'd have a typical night, just coming home from work, giving my kid a bath, feeding him and tucking him in. He was sitting in the bathtub, and suddenly got this look on his face. Then the bubbles started coming up! "Oh sh**!" I thought! I wasn't sure what to do. I kind of froze. Do I pick him up and risk getting it all over me? Or do I just let him go for it and deal with the consequences? There was still no poopy, just gas. I had to move, though, I had to do something. I quickly rinsed the rest of the soap off him. Now mind you, as I was frantically doing this, Ben was laughing at me. It might have been my high pitched voice going "Don't do it! Hold it in bud!" I got him out and wrapped in the towel, diaper donned, then heard a little more rip. It was just a little bit, but he poopied! We made it into the diaper, though!

One close call for Momma!

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