May 26, 2009

Ben's First Trip to the Cottage!

I am so excited that we got to take Ben to the cottage for the first time. As most of you know, my cottage is very important to us. My Grandmother designed it, my family has enjoyed it for 35 years, my sister was married there, and on the upper deck is where Brian proposed marriage to me. So, to share it with our son is very special. The weekend was an amazing success. He loved it there! We went with friends I went to school with and their little ones, as well as our old Durham friend Dagan, who now lives in Chicago. Ben handled the drive great! He settled in his first night well. I will say, he woke up the first night screaming at one point, and I think he was just startled about being in a new place and I had no lights on (he sleeps with a night light). He fell back asleep after a few minutes and did well the rest of the weekend.

We spent our days sitting on the deck under the umbrella, walking down to the beach, throwing the ball for Abby, who has never been so happy! Ben is just so inquisitive! He wants to reach out and grab at everything, just explore. He loved being down at the beach just looking at the waves and the dogs playing about. We could not hang out on the beach too long. I mean, the weather was GREAT! But it was great from the deck. We just didn't want to put him down on the sand, even on a towel while we were there or walk too far away from the house (in case of a melt down, which never happened). Brian did watch after Ben everyday for me as I took Abby for walks and gave her some love and attention on the beach. I took a nice video of a Chuck-it demonstration. For those wondering what a Chuck-it is, it's the best invention ever for dog owners of dogs who love to fetch.

Hope you all enjoy the videos and pictures we got this weekend. They are priceless to us. Ben is such a wonderful kid, and we sure loved watching him experience all these new sights this great weekend!

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