May 9, 2009

I can get my foot in my mouth!

It has been a busy week! I have worked my first full week since having a baby. I have decided this is not for me! I know, I'm spoiled in that I don't have to, but I miss my boy! I'm only doing it to help out while other OTs are taking some time off. So, this week and next week I will work 5 days. Being there feels pretty normal. I've been full time my whole adult life. But, by the time we get home, settled, it's time for Gigantour to go to bed. I get a whopping one to two hours with him in the evenings. Couldn't do this for very long.

We did get our first babysitter this week! It was a lady I work with who is another OT. She works with all the kids in our clinic, so I thought, why not?! It gave me and Brian a chance to go car shopping Wednesday night. We test drove several cars and think we know what we're looking for. We're actually hoping to have a new car in the next couple of weeks. Just in time to head to the cottage for Memorial Day weekend. As far as using our first babysitter...I think it went pretty well! I mean, I know her better then I knew the daycare people when I left Gigantour with them. She said Ben was an angel, of course. Got a little cranky when it was time to eat, but I'm pretty cranky when it's time to eat.

We're actually sleeping pretty well, too. He has been going 12-13 hours at night, only waking up ever so often to be rewrapped. He hasn't needed a middle of the night feeding in weeks! I have also been experimenting with having him sleep on his belly. I know! The doctor actually recommended it! It makes me extremely nervous, and I usually flip him over before I go to sleep but he seems to like it. The reason for this is I'm starting to get nervous about the shape of his head! I had told the doctor this and that the only time he is really on his back is when he's sleeping, and getting changed, and I still feel like we're fighting the flat head! She assured me that he is old enough to sleep on his belly. So, I started doing that for his naps when I can have an eagle on him via my video monitor and at night until I go to sleep. We'll see. I am open to any other adive on how to fight the flat head syndrome!

As you can see, Ben is trying extremely hard to get his foot in his mouth these days. It's his favorite new past time. He has succeeded only a couple of time including this time right after his bath when he was getting dressed. He's so serious about this act, too. We also cannot get him to roll, all of the sudden. He was really good at rolling belly to back and then just stopped. Now it seems he tries and tries and just can't do it on his own! It's been like a week and half since he's done it on his own. Are we going backwards? I'm sure he'll figure it out again.

This weekend we are off to a BBQ and then chilling for my first Mother's Day! I just want to play with my boy all day long! We are also having our roofer over today before the BBQ. As some of you remember, we had a bit of a roof and ceiling collapse last September. With all the Spring rains these past few weeks we've noticed our gutters (which are brand new) are not working. One seems to be angled the wrong way, and there is rain pouring off our front roof as if there isn't a gutter there at all! So after many phone calls, he is on his way over to hopefully fix the problem. It just seems never ending!

Love you all! And, Happy Mother's Day out there to all the Moms!

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