May 16, 2010

American Cancer Society Walk

Quickly, so I can go spend more time outside, but I have to share these videos that are cute(and I couldn't decide so I'm posting all of them, excuse me)! We spent this morning doing the Walk and Roll for the American Cancer Society in downtown Chicago. We started in Grant Park, walked a round and about way up to Lake Shore Drive, up to Navy Pier and back. All in all it was 5miles. Ben did great. He had plenty of people watching to get done, then fell asleep the second half which was nice. We then spent some time around the tents where Ben clearly enjoyed dancing to the DJ as you can see. Some moves resembles his father's dancing techniques, some clearly resemble his Grandmother Karen. Grandma Huling will need to spend some time here I think...

We tried getting his face painted but he didn't let that girl very close to him. We then decided to go for a walk after our walk. I mean, why not! It was just too nice out and it was hard to do a whole lot of soaking it in with 5,000 people walking with us and us pushing a stroller! So, we let Ben get down and run around. He wanted to either climb up and down the stairs or jump in the fountain. So, we got a work out in after the 5 mile walk.

Now we're home, we've bought some meat for grilling, Brian's already sitting on the deck where I am heading to join him before Ben wakes up from his nap and quiet time is over!

Happy Sunday to everyone else!

Ben getting his groove on! There is a quick second of some reaching overhead much like Grandmother Karen.

Brian trying to help Ben get his groove on!

Mommy holding on to Ben for dear life at the fountain!

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