May 23, 2010

Off roading it!

Grandma and Grandpa Bishop, this one's for you! For a while now Ben has enjoyed either just sitting on it or pushing it to and fro. He FINALLY discovered the joy of pushing down on the accelerator! He has yet to grasp the concept of turning or watching where he is going, but all in all LOVES riding around on that thing! Enjoy the videos, again, I couldn't decide which one was cuter so I just put all three on there!

Today is HOT! Finally! Ben is asleep now but the plan is when he wakes up is to get some sun screen on him and head out to the sprinklers and baby pool! Yes, I couldn't help it and for $7.99 I got him a 3 square foot pool! Thought we'd get ready for our trip to Richmond where he'll experience the real thing! The boy loves anything water so I'm now worried!

New words just since last post 2 days ago: belly, face, feet, eye, ear. It's just amazing how everyday there is more. I know I'm only getting half of them! He seems to just wake up and say a new word! Sleeping really is good for just digesting all that he is soaking in everyday.

Back to the brushing teeth thing from last post. For the longest time he just liked the idea of the vibrating tooth brush and would just hold it in his mouth, mostly on his tongue. That's when I realized Brian and I tend to brush our teeth in our back little bathroom and Ben had no idea how to really do it. So, I started bringing my brush out and brushing my teeth with him and he has just taken to it. It gets just about every corner on his own! But, like I said, he wants to just hang out in there all day long! Any time he even hears that bathroom door open, he's running for it! He has learned that his stool is kept under the sink, he goes for it, and after the deed is done, he INSISTS on being the one to put the stool away. Oh, before that he also likes to be the one to turn the light off from his stool. So, I'm slowly trying to teach him that he doesn't have to brush his teeth every time we're in the bathroom!

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