May 9, 2010

We have a beach boy!

We have had such a good Mother's Day so far! Ben and Brian made me breakfast then off to the beach. We met up with my Mom and Dad, my sister Stephanie, her hubby Jason and their kids Lianna and Devin. It was nice to spend some time with them. It was a bit cool, but sunny. Ben slept on the way as you can see from the video. This prepared him for much fun running around the beach for nearly an hour and a half! HE LOVED IT! You can hear him in the one video just making this sound of sheer joy! He was so so happy, he just couldn't contain himself. We then drove 5 minutes to lunch with Ben so tired from running on the beach that he nearly fell asleep. I was panicking thinking he would never make it through the meal. But with all the commotion in the restaurant with EVERYONE going out to eat for Mother's Day he was thoroughly entertained and sat contently eating and watching all the people.

Abby even got to come along and enjoy the day. She was so worn out from the beach she passed out, too!

(the boat on blocks. This is where we all met. Not so sad to see it up on the blocks knowing that soon it will be floating for the summer!!!! This is way more depressing to see in the fall!!!)

He was then asleep within minutes on the way home. He's sitting eating a snack now, completely covered in sunscreen and sand. Brian went out to get us some ice cream to cap off this Mother's Day. We'll get all goopy with ice cream then I'm throwing him in the bath and I'm feeling an early bedtime tonight for all of us!

Oh, real quick then I'm going to play more, Ben is cutting two more teeth, numbers 13 and 14 are breaking through, hence some crabbiness the beginning of this week but he pulled it together for today.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!

(Family meeting...Huling style. On the beach, discussing Michigan's state rock!)

(Ben making his happy noise running up and down the beach!)

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