Aug 4, 2010

Hawaii, post #2

As you can imagine, there are so many pictures to pick from. We had an amazing time on our 7 days on Maui, and 3 days on the Big Island of Hawaii that I could barely pick. Not to mention, pictures do not do it justice. We also have hours of video that I will work my way through and share only a few highlights of, don't worry.

We have mostly recovered. Our exhaustion wasn't helped by the fact that we had roughly 14 people in our house less than 24 hours after our return for a two night stay. Boy, the fun continued, though! So much to share!

For now, enjoy just a handful of pictures from our Hawaiian vacation. More to come along with our Durham reunion weekend following this amazing journey.

Ben's first day on the beach! In front of our condo on Maui. He dug right in, of course. You can see the Trice family frolicking in the background.

Brian took this picture of the sunrise on top of Haleakala. Haleakala is the volcano on Maui. He then rode a bike down the volcano, more than 25miles before breakfast.

The Bishop Family in Lahaina, Maui

Looking out while sipping my Mai Tai at the Old Lahaina Luau.

Brian and I both getting our kicks with the Hula Dancers following the show!
On the road to Hana, Ben and I take in the sights at one of our stops.

Pictures just do not do this place justice!

One of the many water falls we saw on the Road to Hana.

This is considered one of the most photographed water falls in the world. You can see why.

The Bishop family at Mama's Fish House. A VERY good meal!

Ben and Dad swimming on our last day on Maui.

The sunset from our porch at our new condo on the Big Island.

Ben knew we weren't supposed to be going in here. We were visiting Volcano National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii. We hit 2/4 of those disqualifications (young children and respiratory problems). We went in anyway!Again, Ben knew we weren't supposed to be sitting this close to an active, erupting volcano!

The whole group we traveled with. From left: Jennifer Trice, Scott Trice, Jackson Trice (my Godson), Brian Bishop, Patti Bishop (me), Benjamin Bishop (tired), Carole Lucchesi, Jim Lucchesi.

Ben and Dad checking out the sea turtle that crawled right up to bask next to our beach site at Kahalu'u, Hawaii (big island)

Ben needed to try snorkling, too. He had the entire beach laughing their tails off by putting on the equipment, reaching back while waving and yelling "BYE BYEEEEE!"

More to come, we can't help but want to share it.

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