Dec 16, 2010

Ben is 2!!!

On Tuesday, December 14th, Benjamin Bishop (aka: Major League Bishop) turned 2 years old! Unbelievable! He had an amazing birthday! He did have to go to the babysitter for a little bit while Mom went to work. While he was there, he got cupcakes and all his friends sang to him! When we got home, we made dinner and waited for Daddy to get home. As soon as Daddy got home, Grandma and Grandpa Bishop called to sing to Ben! He loved it! Of course I was a little late with the video camera but was able to catch the very end. He still only talks to phones that don't talk back.
Today we had Ben's 2 year check up. He is healthy as can be! Weight: 32lbs 5oz. Length: 37.5inches. "Well above the 95%" according to his doctor. He was a good boy until they had to take some blood. That took Mommy and 2 nurses to hold him down during that.

On the way to the doctor, we decided to stop by the Jiffy Lube to get a couple things taken care of for the car prior to our big drive south. While we there, an old man walked in with a cane. As he got closer, even my heart skipped a beat. It was Santa! I swear it! He wasn't wearing his red suit, but it was him! Ben even called him Santa! This man was so nice! He talked to Ben, got his list, told him he'd been nice and was going to get all he wanted! Then Santa looked at me and said "Benjamin's getting a little sister, too, huh?!" I am only 14 weeks pregnant and was wearing a coat! It was magic! I told him, I was expecting but there was no way of knowing if it were a boy or a girl yet. He smiled and said "it's a girl!" We shall see! He was so nice and Ben was just drawn to him. I wish I had gotten a picture!

We're off tomorrow for Virginia! Can't wait to see the family in the south! We plan on getting them all in there in the next week. Should be crazy fun. Time to go pack more!

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