Dec 12, 2010

Blizzard 2010

We had a fun weekend in Madison, WI. We thought it would be nice to go see some old friends up there. We knew it was going to snow. "They" were predicting 6-8 inches Saturday night into Sunday morning. We weren't worried. We thought it would clear by the time we wanted to leave. Once we arrived in Madison, our dear friends, Andy and Corrie Dufresne informed us that a blizzard was coming! What could we do? We were already there! So, we settled in. Ben had a ball with their two boys. Zach will be 3 in a couple weeks, and Adam is 14months. SO CUTE!

Saturday they played inside. As we awoke on Sunday, the winds were howling, the snow was blowing! It was pretty crazy outside! I've heard differing reports as to how much snow we got. Some say 13inches. It's hard to tell with all the drifting! The guys across the street had a drift that was chest high on the man who lived there!

So, you wake up in Madison, WI to a blizzard, what do you do next? You make sleds out of cardboard boxes, and as Andy's snow-blowing the driveway you sled down it! Ben, of course, LOVED it! Adam was all about it! Zach was with me in the garage. He loved the sledding, but continued to say "it's cold!" Smart kid! It was so much fun! I did manage to go down once and that was enough for me as I only had my sneakers on!

After warming up a bit we headed home. They actually had the highways pretty clear. It was windy, it took us a little longer, but overall not terrible.

Now we're resting and getting ready for our week which includes Ben's 2nd birthday!!!! And driving to Richmond, VA!!!

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