Apr 17, 2011


He was REALLY not sure of this at first! But the car as a seat, and Thomas the Train on the tv in front of him quickly worked. Momma didn't go far!

As you can see, she tried using the squirt bottle on him. He didn't think that was as fun as we did!

Denise the hairdresser wasn't so sure, either. She said we put this off long enough. We tried to convince her we were going for a surfer look.

Mom and Ben talk it out a little more...

Everyone's feeling better and better about this...sort of.

Now we're getting somewhere!!!!

Brian held me back from taking ALL the clippings and made me pick a select few. Good move, probably.

I know, we FINALLY did it! After much deliberation and heartache, we've cut Ben's hair. He has gone from looking like a little toddler, and yes, sometimes like a crazy Gary Busey, to a grown up little boy! He's SO cute! We did it Saturday and then headed to Michigan for an overnighter, plus ballet. It was my Mom's Spring concert and it was well worth the trip! It included a piece by Maggie based on her 3 sisters. It was lovely! Nice to visit with everyone! I'm going to bed now!

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