Apr 10, 2011

Warmer weather?!?!

Considering it's 9:30am and already about 70degrees, I'm going to keep this brief! The sun is actually out and we don't even have to wear jackets! The last 2 weeks have been fun! Cold, but fun.

Ben: potty training is going smoothly. I'd say he's about 80% way there with Number 1. 20 percent there with #2. Doesn't that add up to 100%? He's in pull ups most of the day and even waking up dry some mornings and from most naps. He just hasn't quite figured out #2.... He'll get there. We're still not pushing too hard. He's figuring it out and just turned 2 so what's the rush.

Baby #2: GROWING! I'm 31 weeks pregnant yesterday. She's moving a lot, some getting quite painful. Something jabs me in the ribs, usually around 3 am that can knock the wind out of you. I'm feeling well all things considered. My body is definitely aching, but that's to be expected at this point. She still doesn't have a name. We'll get that figured out in time...I hope. Ben now thinks the words "belly" and "baby sister" are interchangeable. He'll ask my to kiss his baby sister while lifting up his shirt. We'll work on that, too.

Abby: Had her second class yesterday and was THE STAR! I'm not just saying that because I'm her proud Momma, but she was used as the example of what to do throughout the entire class! It might have helped that I got out the morning of to really run her so she wasn't so hyper. I confessed this to the teachers, and they agreed that was a perfectly reasonable strategy. We practiced healing more, ignoring food on the floor (I've never been more proud of her), and bowling. She got an A. I'm starting to feel more and more optimistic that she will be able to pass her first certification exam which is on May 7.

Other fun stuff: The Trices came to visit for a couple days on their Spring Break and I got to spend some quality time with my Godson at the zoo. Jackson continues to thrive! He's a very articulate 2 year old! I'm a proud GodMomma!
Back to the zoo, it was of course cold and misty when we were at the zoo, but the boys didn't care. They just cared about the animals! They begged us to go back the next day. It was nice to be there on a Thursday except for the 500 school children we had to share the zoo with. Once they all left we basically had the place to ourselves which was nice. The boys tired themselves out by walking for over 3 hours from animal to animal!

We had fun with the Trices and I wish we could see them more often much like everyone!

Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend and more updates to come!

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