Apr 29, 2011

Ben's in a big boy bed!

We continue to have change after change going on here in the Bishop house. Last weekend, it was the purchasing of a new mattress to place on the bed frame given to Ben from his Grandparents that once belonged to his Dad. I was extremely nervous about this transition. You see, Ben LOVED his crib. He only once tried to climb out. Other than that, he slept like a champ in there, he loved waking up slowly and just playing in there. I knew I could put him down for nap and he would stay there. So, with nervous excitement, and the need to get the crib ready for Ben's little sister, we made the move. And Ben LOVES IT! So far, we have had no real issues in putting him down to bed or naps. He slept for 3 hours yesterday afternoon! He has his dinosaur sheets which he looks forward to sleeping on every time!

So far: Ben has me put him into bed, and waits for me to tell him it's ok to get out of bed. He now, in the last couple of days, insists on getting in and out of bed by himself but does wait for me to be present. And with my current condition, I have to say I'm thankful for that one less time I'm hoisting up my 2 year old!

Baby #2: Getting BIG! I will be 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow. That equals 8 1/2 months pregnant. I am getting...well...big, and exhausted. My body is tired, sore, I work and take care of Ben, and when I'm not doing that I'm trying to heal my aches and pains. This means, I am on the couch, trying to stretch, or sitting. I'm getting stir crazy actually. I'm so tired and sore I can't really do anything, but then I'm bored and wanting to get out and do something. Does that make sense? Sleeping isn't really happening right now already. I can't lay flat, I'm awake about every hour (the other night I think I clocked 2 hours of sleep combined) just trying to get comfortable. I have to figure something out since I have 6 weeks left officially. I just want more and more coffee which I know I shouldn't drink, not to mention it gives me the worst indigestion I have ever experienced in my entire life, which also wakes me every hour or so.

Doctor's appointments are going well though. Me and the baby are checking out as healthy as we possibly can! To quote the doctor from the appointment last week "The baby sounds fantastic!" as she listened in. My appointments are every 2 weeks right now, going to once a week next week. We're in the home stretch!

Hope everyone is well!

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