Jul 30, 2011

Stop Chewing on Your Toe!

Ben LOVES being RIGHT next to his sister at all times. Cute. Exhausting, but cute.

She's happy!!!! We're getting smiles all day long!

But then, one minute later...

And 2 minutes after that! She passes out on the couch all the time! Unlike Ben, she seems to not want to be swaddled!

"Born in 2011"

As a mother, I find myself saying some of the weirdest things that, out of context, would sound really odd. And, it seems Ben's habit of chewing on things is just getting worse. He's like a puppy! This oral phase thing is NEVER ENDING! So, the latest thing he chews on is his toe! I don't get it. When I tell him to stop, he looks at me and says "It's MINE!" Well, he has a point. It is his toe. I've also caught his trying to put Abby's tail in his mouth (Again, Abby, I LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE THE BEST MOST PATIENT DOG IN THE WORLD!!!). It's just amazing!
Other than that, everything here is going along well. Some things to note: Hailey is down right LAUGHING! She is a very happy, content baby. She just loves to watch and smile at her big brother in amazement. And Ben has to be on top of us all day long basically trying to entertain her. He always wants "to help." So far, so good. Back to Hailey. She's getting BIG and much stronger. We're working hard on tummy time and she is much more accepting of it than Ben ever was. Of course, she has her crazy older brother to look up at. We're sleeping 1/2 the night pretty well, but I do feel like it's starting to catch up to me.

Brian is doing well. He's going to a Sox game today, and I should tell him to do that more often! I slept in a little, and as soon as I was up he started cleaning, and I am now sitting doing this while both kids are awake!!! He even started the dish washer! Sox games every weekend!!!! Wait...scratch that.
As for me, I have started to run again and it's hard but I'm doing it. Just a few times a week. I have also joined Weight Watchers online to see if we can get this show on the road here! I also switched positions at work and will not be going back to the job I had. I'm sad about it and it was a much harder decision than I thought it would be. Basically, I'll be working less to get paid more. I know, should be a no brainer, but I really loved what I did and the people I worked with. Now I'm working for the same company but per diem. I'm sort of a substitute teacher for therapists. I go where they need me and when. I plan to work average 2 days a week, and a couple weekend days a month. Brian's terrified about that one and has asked that I "ease" him into caring for both kids at once rather than just leaving him for 8 hours right off the bat!

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