Aug 1, 2011

It's Hot Out!!

I know, I just posted a couple days ago, but I couldn't help it, these were too cute. So, enjoy some video of Ben running through the sprinkler! He LOVED it! It was a nice way to get outside on another extremely hot day here in Oak Forest!
Oh, and this morning I registered for a half marathon. I'm crazy. It's paid for. I'm doing it. It's now or never! May 6, 2012, Kalamazoo, MI.

Oh, and I'm climbing the Willis Tower (ie: formally known as the Sears Tower) again this year for charity, so I'll be soliciting $$$ soon for a good cause! I plan to beat my time previously set in 2009 of 103 floors in 32 minutes 20 seconds. Goal: 27minutes. See post from November 15, 2009 if you feel the need to review!!! I just read it and almost backed out. I don't remember it being that hard! Maybe it's like childbirth, we forget as soon as it's over how much it hurts and say crazy things like "I'd do that again!" Oh well, I'm registered for that, too, it's over, I'm doing it...

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