Jul 6, 2011

We are not bad parents.

Really, we're not! Everyone is perfectly safe and has been. Real quick, because of course I have no time. I'm in the midst of packing for a week at the cottage in Michigan! Can't wait! Just got back from shopping for a huge, very sturdy beach umbrella that Hailey and I will become acquainted with...hopefully. If not, the deck is fine, too.

We spent the 4th of July at home with one quick trip to the boat where Ben had a BALL! And Hailey got her first boat ride! She slept the whole time in Grandma's arms. Ben loved that he was allowed to scream as loud as he could! He loved playing in the cabin, too.

Hailey had her one month appointment this morning and is perfectly healthy. She weighs 9lbs 5oz. Her weight is in the 50%, and her length is in the 90%. Of course she's long!

She's getting very interactive. I swear today she is smiling just about every time I talk to her. She continues to be a good baby and Ben is loving it. His favorite line now is "She's so tiny! She's cute!" LOVE IT!

Ok, going to pack. Enjoy the videos. I swear, everyone was safe!

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