Jun 30, 2011

Sometimes it's just a dimple...

Good news! It's just a dimple! We have been anxiously awaiting the ultrasound that was this morning to tell us just that. We were told when Hailey was just one day old that she had a dimple above her...well...bottom, and that she would need an ultrasound to rule out such things as "mild" spina bifida, or tethered cord syndrome. The doctor did tell us right from the beginning, it was very likely nothing. The soonest I could get her in was today and it is NOTHING! Whew! She handled the test ok. It took about 40 minutes. Do you know what it is like to have a 3 week old on their belly for 40 minutes while 2 strangers run a probe up and down her back? Well, it breaks your heart, that's what it does! But, it was worth it. They got all the pictures they needed without having to retest anything. She was able to cry herself asleep a couple times which was precious. I was there the whole time and basically laying on the gurney with her trying to comfort her!

Oh well, it's over. As my mother-in-law puts it "God just missed a stitch!" Or as the doctor put it this morning: "She has a dimple in the wrong place."

One more thing!!! There was a tech there training, so they decided to look at a couple other areas "for practice" (this is when Hailey was sleeping). Her kidneys, bladder, and liver are all healthy and normal!!!

Ben's still at the babysitter. Hailey is asleep. I should be doing something productive!

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