Aug 8, 2011

Lunch Time!

Ben at 11 weeks

Hailey at 9 weeks. Yup!!!

Ben has discovered that bandaides "fix" EVERYTHING! Every boo boo.

It's a rainy day, I've been home with the kids for a while now. We needed something new. So, I dove into a new realm! Play-doh! Ben is addicted! He's been making "Munch," aka Lunch, all afternoon long! Mainly pancakes, pizza, and cake. It's delicious. Wait, he just figured out "fries!"

Everything else is going well. Long story short since I'm out of time, Hailey is SLEEPING A LOT! Like through the night! We're getting 8-9 hour stretches! It's ridiculous!

More to come when there's time!

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