Aug 27, 2011

Virginia, August 2011

I'm finally getting around to putting up some pictures from our wonderful trip to Virginia. It's been a crazy, but fun summer! I'll hopefully get around to putting up some video soon. It seems we were there just in time. I suppose our southern family will get around to seeing this once their power comes back on following Hurricane Irene which is hitting right now! We also just missed the first earthquake in over a hundred years by only a few days. Glad we got out alive, really!!!

Ben LOVED the beach! Almost too many pictures to pick from!

Lot's of beach time while visiting Great Grandmother Shirley in Sandbridge.

And, yup, Hailey hung under the covers very well again. She loves the sound of the waves. Very relaxing!

Mom's actually NOT holding a baby!

Back in Richmond, Hailey loved playing with her Aunt Allison. Although Lucy was jealous!

Chillin at the pool!

Ben was out little fish! Also, the white on his face is the remnants of his powdered donut he just had poolside!

Hailey relaxing with Great Grandma Betty and Great Grandpa Pop!!!!!

Great Grandma Joyce got her hands in there, too!

Ben airborne from the pool!

On the deck, getting ready to go to the beach our last morning in Sandbridge.

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