Nov 6, 2011

103. No Problem...

Reasons to not climb the Willis Tower:
1. It's tall
2. I just had a baby 5 months ago
3. Plantar fascitis flare in both feet
4. PNEUMONIA! I've been sick for the last 3 days. Total laryngitis followed by a nice sounding productive cough.
5. It's tall
6. I think I twisted my knee in the shower this morning.
7. It's tall

Getting ready to start! These are 4 of the 9 from the Homewood clinic. Here, I'm still happy. Nervous, but happy.

I thought I'd try to get a self portrait on every ten floors. When I missed the first 10 I knew I was in trouble. Notice the numbers from here on out. Also the open, gaped mouth is due to GASPING for air. I'm not exaggerating that I have some major respiratory issues going on!

Finger covered the flash. Didn't care. My legs were burning quite a bit at this point.

Legs are starting to go numb which is nice. Breathing is becoming more and more an issue!

Here I'm wondering why I thought I could do this in my condition. I found peace in that I could bail around floor 53. I mean, who would take care of my kids?!?

Nah, I can do this! Finger covered the flash again. But by now my hands were going numb. I think my blood flow was forced to my vital organs in an effort to keep me alive!

I actually got a 10!!!! Excitement short lived. I'm only a little over half way there.

I'm starting to hallucinate at this point. Like last time, its around now I want to start punching the cheery volunteers and all their happy screams! Who do they think they are? Did they do it? No, they took the elevator to this point!

I'm just laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. I mean, who in their right mind does this! It's funny, right?!

And yes, the pictures in the stair well stopped at this point. I was focused on breathing. I was also pretty sure the dude ahead of me was going to pass out so I was trying to stay strong for him. I honestly thought I may be needed for CPR. I've never heard someone breathing like that!

31minutes, 40 seconds after I entered the stairs, I exited!

Feeling better. Ready to do it again! KIDDING!

Out on the ledge. It doesn't seem so tall all the sudden!

Here's our whole group. We did it! We all went out to breakfast after, refueled and patted each other on the back! We deserve it!

So, I didn't break the 30minute mark as I wanted to, but will take the fact that I finished when I was considering Urgent Care yesterday for this cough. We had a great, supportive group and we're all set to break records again next year!

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