Nov 20, 2011

Abby is such a good dog!!!!

Abby's making sure Hailey doesn't get near that cord.

Or, she's wondering where her life went so wrong.

She decides to embrace it! KISSES!

Abby is such a good dog! It seems lately no matter where I lay Hailey down she rolls to be right up against Abby and Abby just takes it. Hailey gets such a kick out of watching her. Too cute.

Things are well here. Busy getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday for which I am preparing a traditional meal for our little family of 4. I have just about all the fixens ready. We're hanging in Oak Forest for the big day. Then Saturday head over for a tailgate style celebration at the Huling house.

We're also trying to teach Ben that he will soon be THREE years old!

We're getting ready to run some errands as soon as Ben wakes up to further prepare for our holiday! We WILL get to some more pictures, videos and updates ASAP!!!

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