Nov 27, 2011

Thanksgiving first! Mashed potato style!

Well, we did it. Another successful Thanksgiving day feast prepared by the spectacular cook, Patricia. She dazzled us with a few delights - turkey, stuffing, cranberries, corn casserole, asparagus casserole, and - yes - mashed potatoes.

Hailey took to the potatoes as well...

We planned a quiet evening with the four of us. We watched some football, played with the kiddos, and finished up the cooking. Ben had another plan though - no eating for him. Just two rolls and he was done. The even the chicken - aka turkey - was a little too much for him. But he was okay with it all, especailly after we started to feed Hailey her first real food. Just a bit of mush, a bit of potatoes - that was it. But it made a memorable night and a memorable Thanksgiving for us all.

Happy Thanksgiving for all of you too!

- Brian

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