Mar 26, 2009

Ben at Work

We have had such a good week here at the Bishop house! I feel like Ben grew so much this past week! He's learning so quickly! He's hard at work learning! Ok, I'll stop using so many exclamation points, you get the idea. He is getting so good at using his hands. You can tell he sees something he wants, either on his tray, or hanging on his activity chair, and thinks about it for a minute, then reaches up and grabs it! Most of the time, that object then goes directly into the mouth, but he is getting so good at it. He will work on it forever. He has also learned that there are toys that make interesting noises and is getting good at shaking them about ever so often. There was another discovery yesterday. His foot! He kicked his leg up and held it, staring at his foot like "I think that is attached to me." "I can move that thing, too?" It was so cool to see. I know it's only a matter of time before he reaches for his foot and puts that in his mouth.

I can tell that he's definitely getting his preferences of toys. He loves, more than anything, his bouncy chair with the activity bar over it. He just reaches for it, grabs it, smiles at it and talks to it. The cooing is getting so good! He really likes his standing activity chairs. The problem with those is, as you can see, he can barely reach the floor. One of them he can and is learning to push off with his feet, but the other one is too tall for him still on it's shortest setting. And, he's almost reached the weight limit for that one! He also loves his counting caterpillar, and counting bear. The bear lights up and flashes at him, and I think puts him in a bit of a trance, but oh well. He's loving his books. He's super smart, you know. It's cute to watch him stare so intently at the pages. He furrows his brows and studies the animals on the pages. All these things are making tummy time a bit more manageable. He's getting stronger and able to just look around without working so much so it doesn't seem to be ending in a crying fit as often. He's also getting darn close to rolling over. It's scary. That means mobility is right around the corner.

We're getting excited about our Virginia trip which is right around the corner in about 3 weeks! Abby gets to go stay with my parents in Kalamazoo and it will be a nice little vacation for her, too. Although, with the weather getting nicer, on my days off we've been taking some nice walks. But, my parents have Lilly, Mattie, and all that land! I think Brian is looking forward to it, too. He's been working so hard lately, and with Ben passing out by 7pm most nights, Brian never gets to see him. I feel like I barely do! So, he'll get to see Ben and we FINALLY get to show him off the family down south! It's been so long, and we're both anxious to see everyone down there and introduce Ben!

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