Mar 1, 2009

Kick Kick Kick

This boy sure loves to kick. I know that you may think that a minute and a half of watching my kid kick is a bit much, but I couldn't stop taping! This is actually the shorter of the videos I took, so consider yourself lucky! He's just so stinking cute! In this one, I think he looks so serious. He is thinking so hard about what's happening above him. But then his legs are flaring about! It's like he's trying to dance with them.

Not much to report. Just me sinking further and further into a depression thinking about going back to work just one week from tomorrow. I know, it's part time, but man, I'm not ready. Ben has been great! Happy baby. Still loves his mobiles (especially the new one), his swing, music, and hates tummy time. He's still growing at an exponential rate! And, I think he is starting to look more and more like Brian (minus the hair).

We do finally have a trip scheduled to go to Richmond. Ben's first plane ride! We're going in April to introduce him to the rest of the Bishop/Airington clan! We're excited. I think it will be good timing. He's getting more interactive and fun and the weather shouldn't be an issue (knock on wood).

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