Mar 19, 2009

We survived our second week!

Well, we made it through another week of work and daycare. Although, it seems our little Ben has his second cold. He's just stuffy and has a little cough, but otherwise seems to feel fine. He's happy, playful, eating and sleeping well. Ahhh, the joys of daycare!
I'm more comfortable with him going there now. They really seem to be getting to know him and enjoy him. He's sleeping better there, taking a couple naps a day. He's still pretty pooped by the time he gets home. Last night he was passed out by 7pm. He did alright all night, though. He was up at 1am and 4:30am. Both were quick feedings and then right back to bed. He's such a good boy.
He's really talkative these days. He'll watch your lips as you talk and concentrate so hard on them. Then, he'll do his best to mimic you. It's so stinking cute! He's getting better at reaching out for toys and holding onto things. He's also bringing them to his mouth like crazy! His hands are constantly going towards his mouth. He's also liking standing up. This is a good workout for Mom and Dad as our "little guy" is the size of most 8month olds! I met another 7month old baby this week at work and Ben is far bigger than him. He's the son of a girl I work with. She was so cute because she bought Ben a sleeper and was a little discouraged when I told her how big he was. Luckily, she bought a 9month size and in just a little bit he'll have grown into it!
Not much else to report! We're looking forward to some basketball this weekend and just chilling around the house.

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