Mar 8, 2009

Back to work.....boooooo.......

So, as I write this, it is half time of the Duke/UNC game and Duke is ahead by 1. The Bishop family is decked out in Duke apparel. I busted out a Duke shirt for Ben. It's a recent gift from some friends in NC. The size of this shirt is a 6month. I could barely get it on him. I think this is the one and only time he will wear this shirt and then it will go into storage for his little brother or sister. Brian seems to think if Duke wins, we will frame the shirt and put it up in his room. If they lose, we will trash it.

We've had a good weekend. There has been crazy weather here. We've gotten a ton of rain and our backyard is now a lake. Ben has been sleeping a lot throughout the day. He just kinda passes out. He's not even needing to be swaddled anymore. He passes out in his bouncy chair, laying under his mobile, everywhere. Still only getting about 3 hour blocks at night, but what can you do. He's hungry! ALL THE TIME! And look at him! He's three months old! He's the same size as a 6month old at his daycare and growing out of 3-6month clothes! What have I created!

I'm trying to prepare myself (emotionally) for tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow I go back to work. I don't want to talk about it. But really! Where did these 3 months go?! It's crazy. Ben seems fine with it. Abby is looking forward to some peace and quiet, I think. I am a wreck. It's only part time. It's only part time. It's only part time!!

Ok, I'll get over it. I'm going to go hold my baby now who is passed out on the couch in front of the game. I have to stock up on cuddles and kisses to get me through tomorrow.

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