Apr 30, 2009

Our dog is depressed...

Ben and I are enjoying a rainy day at home. He is in SUCH a good mood, as you can see. He's talking (loudly) and I swear he just tried to have a conversation with Abby.

New developments this week: Ben is on the move!! As I said last week, he has started to roll from tummy to back. He did great with this for a couple of days, and now is just kind of fussing with it again. He's also trying to roll from back to tummy though he is only making it to his side. I think what may be holding him back is his roundness. Now, I love that boy, but he is a little round! The doctor said he is very healthy, though, and his weight continues to be proportional to his length (just both in the 99%). So anyway, back to Ben being on the move. The big thing is that he is no longer where we leave him in his crib or when we put him on the floor. It has been two mornings in a row now where I've woken up to look at our baby video monitor and he is no longer visible on the screen. This morning he woke up way up at the head of the crib and turned 90degrees. I then brought him downstairs and put him on his tummy on the floor and within a few minutes he had pulled himself around to face the other way to get at other toys. Although I am very pleased as a Mom and a therapist that he is right on developmentally, I am terrified that our lives as we know them are over. It only gets worse from here. Soon, I will have to keep my coffee tables clear, we'll need real end table (not just the tv trays we still use in the upstairs family room) as Ben will discover they are easy to pull over.

Abby also seems to know the end is near. She is already a little depressed. She recently spent two weeks at my parents "Lab Ranch." There she had two other labs to play with all the time (and they did), acres upon acres of land, and no baby taking all the attention away from her. There are times she seems concerned about Ben. When he cries she'll come sniff at his crib or where ever he is and lay near us until he calms down. She greets him now when we come home by sniffing, and sometimes offering a lick. But all in all, she seems to wish things were the way they used to be! I always say, she doesn't realize that she has gone from spoiled rotten, to just plain spoiled and there is no explaining this to her!

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