Feb 18, 2010

Ben so worries about Abby

As promised, I checked with my tech support (Brian) and it's not us, it's Google. There is a system wide problem with videos on blogger. So, be patient and keep trying, they should all work soon. And remember, even if it's a black screen, click on the play button and it should work. And I hope this one does! I wanted to capture the extreme panic in Ben whenever Abby goes outside. Sometimes he just stands there quietly, other times he screams like this until she comes back. His other routine has become getting her a treat. He is sneaky, he will try to get her more than the one he is allowed. Now, I realize I look like a softy in the video as he reaches in a second time, but the video was going so well that I didn't want to totally ruin it! Abby is continuing to learn that Ben is an ally more and more. Ben is learning how to sneak Abby food from his chair whenever Mommy turns away. It's cute but irritating. Also, he's yelling for Abby. It's one his pretty understandable words. It sort of sounds like "AAAA EEEEEE." But we get it.

Ben also got a new pair of sunglasses from his baby sitter! He's never had a pair before! He actually is starting to keep them on for more than 15seconds at a time. I'm trying to get him used to it in hopes that we will someday see the sun again.

We have started a new day care which a lady who runs one out of her house. Her name is Mary. She is VERY nice! We started going to her a little while back. She has five children of her own in various stages of leaving the nest. The couple kids she has left in the house LOVE Ben, of course! She watches a couple other kids throughout the week. Mary has bragged and bragged on Ben. She reports to me how amazed she is at his speech abilities, and how smart he is. He continues his addiction to books and that has carried over to daycare. He is apparently carrying various books to other kids in hopes they may be able to read it to him. He is just our little scholar!

Other updates:

Eating habits: I've realized maybe he isn't as picky as I once thought. He LOVES tofu (Aunt Allison is so proud), and we realized the other night anything Turkey, especially turkey burgers (sorry Aunt Allison). Eggs are a Ben pleaser. He's starting to open up a bit.

Teeth: I think some are continuing to try to come through. He's a bit sensitive these days and drooling a lot more. So, either we've taken a step back on the drooling, or he's getting more teeth. We've help steady at 8 for months now!

Nothing else really to report here. I'm going to encourage Brian to blog this weekend on a little something new in his life. A recent change that we're really excited about. I want to leave you with a little cliffhanger!

Keep tuning in!

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