Feb 8, 2010

Ben's a Monkey

So we're learning animals -

A few good books have taught us that lions growl, bears roar, and snakes hiss. But Ben's favorites are lions, seals, gorillas and monkeys. Everything is a monkey. And I guess we have Penguins of Madagascar to thank for that...

Here's a clip from the Nickelodeon show

The lemurs are monkeys. The penguins are monkeys. The monkeys are...well, they're still monkeys. We're working on him not thinking that every animal is a monkey - but we'll see...

Wish us luck tonight - I know many of you have had a billion inches of snow, but we're getting ready for the first big snow of the year. Warnings are going until 6-7am on Wednesday and say that we should get at least 12 inches. I know, I know - small potatoes. But we'll see how bad it really gets...

Keep sending us fan mail at Ben's address:

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We'll answer any questions and post some fun facts that you guys want to hear about! Keep the letters coming!

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