Feb 1, 2010

Staying warm.

Sounds easy enough, doesn't it?! Staying warm, that is. Just punch the button on the box on your wall and your house magically warms to that degree. That was all we had to do until last night. It was then that our house kept getting colder and colder. No matter how high we punched that little button. The furnace took it's last breath last night. So, we hunkered in. One space heater and lots of blankets. We are aware of the fire hazard, so we're keeping it high up. It's that or it's 20 degrees in here, though. With some quick research this morning and a couple of quotes, we are now getting our brand new furnace installed and will be warming up soon. The old one was just too old to fix.

Anyway, while we're trying to stay in the one warm room of the house I thought I'd type a quick update. Ben is getting funnier and funnier! Sorry that both videos are with him in the high chair. He still gets so distracted with the camera that if he is mobile he just wants to get to the camera. So, it's best to get him to do some of his "tricks" while confined to a chair. He is really good at waving his arms like a monkey and clapping his hands like a seal (just as his favorite book says). He also thumps his chest like a gorilla. So cute!

The other video is trying to capture Ben doing his "Ahhhhh" he now does after just about every bite and drink he takes. It's like he's saying "Ahhhh, that is so refreshing!" The video is also capturing his first attempt at feeding himself jello. A little sticky at the end but overall went well.

He continues to RUN everywhere he goes. The faster he runs, the more we now know he is heading for something he shouldn't be. The kid is catching on quickly. More and more cabinet locks are going up, doors are being pulled shut (luckily, he's still too short to reach our door handles although he's trying everywhere).

Other stats include: sleeping well (knock on wood), continues to be a more and more finicky eater, and continues to hold steady at eight teeth. To tackle one subject, eating. He's just sort of picky! Anything cheese, bread, or grapes he'll eat. He used to eat anything fruit, but even that is getting hard. He'll each a piece of banana or two, then done. Vegetables=forget it. Sometimes I can get him to eat cooked carrots, but just a couple. We continue to try to push new food in front of him everyday, and just keep doing it. I'm thinking he's just too busy to eat these days. He just wants to get down and play!

Not much else to report. I hear the guys down there drilling away with our new furnace. Until it's up and running, I'm going to go put another pair of gloves on and sit in Ben's room which is the warmest!

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