Feb 26, 2010

Yes, our 14month old is sitting in a Bumpo!

To start, I'm very aware that Ben is too big and too old for a Bumpo. He found it in the old baby stuff a couple weeks ago and is obsessed with it! His little, chubby thighs barely fit in and out of that thing. My plans this weekend include getting Ben a more age appropriate chair!

Anyway, he's getting pretty good at these songs! If You're Happy and You Know It is a pretty new one for us, but I think he's doing quite well, especially with how close to bedtime it was when I took this! He's also getting very good at Ring Around the Rosy, Itsy, Bitsy Spider, and is a MASTER at Patty Cake!

We're winding down from a very busy week. To follow up on my cliffhanger from last week since Brian clearly has no time to blog. Brian got a new job and started last week! We're pretty excited! During the transition time I went to full time for a few weeks so this week we were both working a lot. I'm going to be cutting back now that Brian is getting settled in. Ben's been loving going to his babysitter's though! Her son Jimmie, who's in the 7th grade is trying to teach Ben how to fist pump which is adorable. Ben just lights up when he sees Jimmie!

Back to Brian's new job. I will let him describe it as I am not exactly sure what he does yet. He knows! He's still at University of Chicago, but at a different job there. No longer a post doc! Whew!

We're also gearing up to have Grandma Karen the Magnificent and Grandpa here next weekend! Hope they're bringing their boots and shovels. Actually, the weather guy says we may be warming up over the next week to the 30s or so! Pretty balmy actually.

Hope everyone is doing well. Stay safe and warm!

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