Aug 17, 2010

Ben Swimming!

Ben enjoys tucking various toys into his fold out bed then snuggling up with them! SUPER CUTE!

Ben has really enjoyed pretending his bathtub is a pool! It's hard for me to even get him out of it!

A few quick updates then I'm off to pack again. Ben and I are heading up to the cottage with my sisters and their kids for a couple days. The summer fun just keeps going!

Back to the updates:
Talking A LOT! Ben's trying to combine more than one word now. It's cute. During our walks he just points at everything and names them (car, boat, sky, tree, house). We're working on animal sounds. Right now everything Moo's. "Ben, what does a horse say?" Ben answers "Moo." A month ago everything roared so if it's not one thing it's another.

Another big adjustment we've made is Ben has quit his pacifier. He was never a real heavy user. He generally only used when he was tired before naps and bedtime. He did get it a bit more on our trips. Our thought was to get through most of our travels and then give quitting a shot. He's such a good boy! His babysitter claimed he hasn't used it there since we got back from Hawaii (including naps). We started this past weekend not giving it to him. He asks for it and whines a little bit but then we distract him and he's over it. He's gone to bed the last 2 nights without it and without complaint. This morning when I went in to get him he was pretending he was picking it up and putting it in his mouth. He then took his "pretend" pacifier out of his mouth and "handed" it to me and said "there ya go!" And that was the last time he mentioned it today. WAY easier than I thought it was going to be!

Ok, off to finish packing and wrap my nephews present. I can't believe my nephew, Blake, turned 3 years old last week! Can't wait to see him in the next couple days and spoil him rotten!

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