Aug 10, 2010

Hawaii, post #3

Here are just a few videos from Hawaii. I'm starting to make my way through. We've been BUSY since getting back. The Durham friends came up just 18hours after we landed. Then we worked all week. Then my sister and her family came to stay with us this past weekend and we ventured to the zoo with all the kids. So, VERY busy with lots of summer fun. I am working my normal schedule this week and have decided not to work this weekend so we can regroup and there will possibly be time to go through more pictures and videos to share of our amazing last 3 weeks! Enjoy!

This was our first morning on Maui. A beautiful place. You can see we had a lovely view of two other Hawaiian Islands (Lanai and Molokai). This was the most reserved Ben was the entire time at the beach.

This was on the black sand beach on the road to Hana. Brian, Jim, and I ventured into this cave where there is only one way back out. Brian got a little adventurous in here and it made me a little nervous. I didn't catch any of that on video as I was too busy yelling at him to get away from the water! It was pretty cool, though.

This was on the Big Island, Ben was very interested in all the snorkel gear and had to try it. Too many cute videos to pick from. He had the entire little beach we were on in stitches they were laughing so hard.

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