Oct 21, 2010

Fall, 2010

We're having almost as pretty of a fall as we had a summer! We spent last weekend in Kalamazoo visiting Grandma and Grandpa Huling. Ben had a ball! The weather was beautiful! In all my travels, there is no other place that has fall colors like Michigan! We went for several walks in the fields around my parents house. Ben actually found a pile of leaves my Dad had already cleared and instinctively jumped in it! We didn't have to say a thing!

As we headed further back into the fields, Brian, Ben, Lianna, and Devin decided to play some football while Dad, Stephanie and I (with all four dogs pulling us forward) walked on! Devin and Lianna did such a nice job throwing the ball to Ben! It was pretty cute. I tried to get a picture from afar. We then tried to get a Bishop family photo but the top photo was the best we got. Abby was too distracted by the other dogs and ALL the space she had to roam!

We did get to pick a pumpkin for Ben from Grandma and Grandpa's Pumpkin Patch. They had a good yield this year! It was hard to pick. Ben got the perfect pumpkin that we may carve this weekend!

My Grandpa came down for breakfast on Sunday and it was nice to visit. Devin had been practicing piano for him. He knows how to play "The Entertainer" and "Chopsticks." He practiced and practiced! Grandpa was very impressed and even accompanied him which I caught some of on video! They did such a nice job!

In other news, Ben got his Halloween costume! He will be Mickey Mouse! He tried the majority of it on for me and seems to really love it! All except the ears. We couldn't seem to keep those on so we'll practice that before Halloween. He LOVES his Mickey Mouse hands, though! We just have a few odds and ends to take care of and he's ready for some trick-or-treating. We're also working on him actually saying "trick-or-treat."

We're getting ready for the Trice's to visit this weekend! It will be nice to see Ben and Jackson together again! We're hoping for some cute Halloween activities!

Hope you enjoy the videos. They were of our weekend in Kalamazoo including a concert by my nephew Devin and my Grandfather! I also thought I'd add the one of Ben in his costume riding his "car." He just loves that car! We've gotten in the habit of riding it up the sidewalk to go see the Halloween decorations in our neighborhood. And our neighborhood goes crazy so there's plenty to look at. I occasionally end up carrying his car back, but it's worth it to see him tooling around on it!

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