Oct 3, 2010

October is here!

Things have been very calm and "normal" around here. I've been working my normal days, weekends have been spent at home watching football. And this video is case and point. In an effort to get Ben to watch ANYTHING other than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we're getting really overly excited about football. So, Ben has made the observation that they "throw, run run run, fall down." You have to admit, that about sums it up! So, last night, while playing "soccer" with his father, Ben started throwing himself on the ground. He is not actually falling, he's doing it on purpose like the football players he's been watching! Pretty cute.

We're also getting excited about Halloween already. Ben LOVES his skeleton pajamas! We also went out and got gel clings for the windows that he is very in to! He loves decorating the front windows, then moving them to the back slider, and back and forth, back and forth. Yes, he's ripped a couple which really gets Brian fired up, then I remind him they cost 99cents at the Jewel. Enjoy some cute pictures.

Updates: Ben has had NO interest in the potty chair since his successful voiding in it last week. Not worried, we're still not going to push it.

He's still talking up a storm and learning more and more everyday. I'm always amazed. The other day, I lit a candle in the kitchen while he was eating a snack at the table and all the sudden he started singing the Happy Birthday song! Of course as soon as I pulled out the video camera he stopped. It was pretty cute. I know they sing that a lot at his babysitters and glad he's practicing at home.

Ben continues to work on his T-ball in the yard. Yes, we still use a log as the T. We do have a bat and a ball, but he insisted on using a stick and a Bocci ball. Aside from only using one hand, his follow through is still looking good! And this is an actual before and after! He's got a good eye!

Ben also likes to dress like Daddy. Those boots are still a bit big for him.

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