Oct 29, 2010

Trices and Pumpkins

(I know, this picture is ridiculous! But, I couldn't help it!)

Oh boy, did Ben have fun last weekend with his buddy Jackson here for a visit! He really took on the role of host. He showed Jackson all his toys, showed him where we eat, where to go for something to drink, everything! Me, Brian, Jen and Scott also got to just sit and watch them play! It was sort of nice! Ben is definitely a little more of a daredevil and may have been a bad influence on Jackson! Jackson would just watch as Ben climbed the walls, twirled, threw himself on the floor as though tackling (from his football watching), all sorts of stunts!

Activities we tried:

Trick-or-treating at Lincoln Park Zoo on Saturday. Not many photos from that due to the high speed winds and rain we were trying to shield out child from! We thought we'd try, but no go. Then we thought even if we can't trick or treat, we can at least go see some of the indoor animals. Well, we were there too early and they had all the buildings closed to get ready for the trick or treating. So, we packed up and came home. Watched some football and just visited.

(We did manage to get VERY near the Lion! He was enjoying his pumpkin treat!)

Sunday we did make it to Bengston's Pumpkin Farm! This is the same place we went last year and just had the best time! The boys just loved all the activities. They both REALLY got into the petting zoo this time! Ben was fearless in sticking the carrots directly INTO the animals mouths! Jackson had a little more restraint and gently handed out the carrots for the animals to grab.

The boys also enjoyed picking out their own pumpkins! Of course, Ben already had one from Grandma and Grandpa Huling's pumpkin patch, we just couldn't leave there empty handed! It was a much nicer day, weather wise and we had a great time!

Grandpa Huling just left a little while ago after a short over night visit to help us with some house projects and now we're settling in for a nice weekend at home getting ready for Halloween and hopefully Ben's first true time trick or treating in our neighborhood!

Ben feeding the cows! NO FEAR!

Ben picking out his pumpkin and the best shot we got of Ben and Jackson sitting with their pumpkins!

Ben and Jackson both loved sitting on all the big pumpkins!

The best family photo we got! We'll work on it...

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