Oct 10, 2010

"Night Night Shadow"

We've been enjoying some nice weather here in the mid-west. We've been trying to soak it all in because we know that it's just a ticking time bomb here. Colder weather is coming, I know. So, the Bishops have been playing outside a lot! Also, I've been enjoying my runs when I can. When I get back, Ben generally likes to take my things and dress like Mommy. He'll walk around saying "Runnin! Runnin!" Pretty cute!

He's also been playing a lot of soccer. He's doing alright with it. He's getting the sports a little confused you can see as he tackles his father. Soon he'll know the difference between soccer and football!

The only problem with this weather, I know we always find something to complain about. We (both me and Brian) are suffering from summer and fall allergies! We haven't had a hard frost to kill off the pollens, and what not, yet the fall junk is already out! Lots of sneezes!

I also wanted to add some cute video I got of him mimicking absolutely EVERYTHING I do! Including putting on deodorant! He walked around like that much of the morning after watching me get ready!

Updates: We noticed today Ben has gone through another growth spurt! As you can see in the video taken today (and the above picture), he's t-shirt is having a hard time staying down and covering that adorable little belly. This shirt was too big for him just a couple months ago. And, it's a 2T!!!! He's lengthening again! Boy, that boy is going to be tall.

Cute things Ben has said this week: "Is Hunter home?" As I'm getting him dressed in the morning. Hunter is his buddy at the baby sitter. He just said it out of no where!

"Hello Shadow!" Ben and I have gotten into the habit of greeting our shadows every morning as I change him. He has also started saying "night night shadow." Brian has stated this makes his heart melt when he hears it.

Everything else is going well. We've been sticking to a nice routine here. Nothing outrageous to report! We're gearing up for some more weekend fun coming up. Next weekend we're visiting Grandma and Grandpa Huling for an over nighter. Then Jen, Scott, and Jackson Trice come for a visit the following weekend. Then we're already at Halloween! Can't believe it.

Hope everyone is well!

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