May 8, 2011

Sister's Room!

Ben is currently "helping" Daddy put together sister's dresser! He's so cute and Brian is being very patient. I am just excited to get this room put together! I wish I could help more, but I've been ordered to take it easy. Just like with Ben, I've been having contractions on and off for the past week. They'll be regular for a day or so, then just stop. I'm just 35 weeks and she needs to cook for at least another 2 weeks so I need to "rest." Hard to do with a 2 year old and a baby we're not ready for on the way! But, as my Mother said: "She won't be sleeping on the sidewalk." Very true. So, I'll try to rest and keep her perculating a little longer.

It's a nice Mother's Day! I got to sleep in a little, and I actually did sleep last night! Brian made me breakfast and we're just hanging at the house. It's actually a nice day outside and I'm hoping for a little walk later with my family as long as I'm not having any contractions!

In other news: Abby passed her K9 Good Citizens Test yesterday!!!! She did so well! She is one step closer to being a therapy dog. Next we have to do some observation that will likely have to wait till after baby girl comes. Once our observations are done, Abby can start doing her own visits. The teachers just loved her!

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!

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