Jun 22, 2011

My Babies are 2 1/2!!!!

So yes, Ben is 2 1/2 years, and Hailey is 2 1/2 weeks, and I'm emotional about both. Both are also sleeping right now, so I'll keep this brief so I can go take an actual shower.

We've had a TON of visitors which has been nice. Dad just left this morning after a few days of a visit. It was nice. So, Hailey has officially met all her Grandparents. Now it's time to start on the Great Grandparents!

Ben update: He had his 2 1/2 year physical. He's very healthy. He's healing from his ear infection that spawned a yeast infection from the antibiotics. Other than that, he got an A+! Stats: He's off the charts again for height. He's 90% for weight. According to his doctor he is the size of your average 4 year old! She actually had a talk with me on how to handle people who will think he needs to act older than his age because they see him as an older child!

He's adjusting to Hailey well. This past week, we had just my Mom here by herself, then a couple days just us, then just my Dad for a couple days. With the slightly less chaos he's finding his groove/place. He LOVES holding Hailey, helping me with diaper changes which usually just means him handing me the diaper. His potty training derailed a little, both with his infection and the birth of his sister, but yesterday and today we are sort of back on track. He even wore his "big boy" underwear again today! And kept it dry!

Hailey continues to be a good baby. She has her 2+ week check up tomorrow and we'll get her stats. I think she's grown a lot though. She has finally grown into newborn size clothes, and I even put her in a 0-3month onsie today and it works! She's eating well, and I'm getting a little bit of sleep...here and there... No really, I haven't been too tired so far. We get 3-4 hour stretches most nights, so not bad for a 2 week old.

Brian's back at work and seems to be handling it well. He says he is anyway!

I'm feeling well. Thinking even though I just gave birth 2 weeks ago, it's time to lose weight! I wish my craving I had for fruit the first week after she was born would come back. I just want ice cream and brownies now! Worse than when I was pregnant!

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