Jun 12, 2011

The Story

Alright, Patti is back up on line...sort of. It's been quite a first week! Time to hear what happened, though. As always, it's never boring around here.

CAUTION: Adult content, reader discretion advised....or if you EVER plan on having children you may want to think twice about reading this. No, not really that bad, more funny than anything...sort of.

Sunday June 5, 2011 2 am:
I awoke with light contractions. Just as I had been doing for weeks. They were every 10minutes, and just bad enough that I couldn't sleep, but no worse than the ones I had been having. They lasted until about 9am but I was able to work through them. Work meaning take care of Ben, cook, clean, the usual.

9am: They STOPPED! Brian decided to go grocery shopping before mowing the lawn. I went about my chores. Seriously, felt nothing. Another "false labor."

1:58 pm: Brian was getting ready to mow the lawn. Suddenly I had a contraction the was only slightly worse than the ones I'd been having. Eight minutes later, another one...8minutes later another one. I told Brian to go mow the lawn, obviously this would stop, too. He refused thinking he better time these.

2:30pm: We decided to go get this one checked as the contractions were 8-10minutes apart and starting to get a little worse, although I was still walking around, calm. We made a couple calls, all our Ben babysitters were not answering. Ten minutes later I told Brian he better just run next door and get the neighbor.

3:15pm: The neighbor was in my living room, I was feeling it and ready to go. We're in the car, I'm on the phone with Maggie, in a bit of pain, but contractions still 8-10minutes apart. Suddenly, I got the NEVER ENDING contraction. We were 15minutes out from the hospital. I really wanted to scream but held it back....for a few minutes.... About 4 blocks from the hospital (ALL traffic lights!) I was ripping my seat belt off, reclined the seat and pretty much resigned myself to having my baby girl in the car. We weren't going to make it.

3:40pm: We pull into the hospital. I'm really not sure I can get out of the car. The guy comes right up with a wheelchair. Now ladies, if you have ever had a drug free delivery, you know that when all you want to do is push, you can NOT sit calmly in any sort of chair for any length of time. So he pushes me to the elevator door, and says "Someone from labor and delivery will be here in a minute." Now, that's when I screamed..a little...no, a lot! So, the lady at the reception desk called and I hear her say "You need someone down here NOW!" The girl really came quick. She pushed me into the elevator. The rail looked really nice, so I dove forward, grabbing the rail. That's when another visitor decided to jump on the elevator. Idiot. He ended up pinned in fear at the front of the elevator while I was squatting in the back and that poor nurses aide was yelling at me NOT to push.

3:42pm: We exit the elevator. She is RUNNING me down the hall. She is yelling at everyone she can to get to my room. As we pull into my room there are about 25 people there. Everyone but Brian and the doctor. Oh yeah, he still had to go park the car! One nurse tried to get an IV started which ended in my blood getting splattered all over. She asked me to sit still but for some reason I couldn't! Another nurse was trying to get the monitor set up (never happened), while another checked me. Then I heard "10 centimeters, fully effaced, and +1." What does that mean? The baby is practically falling out! I asked for something for pain, at which point I remember seeing every head in the room shake and someone said "No dear, you're going to push now." I had to hold it through another contraction as the doctor (who luckily was IN the building this time) was running for my room. This did give Brian a chance to make it to the room, too.

3:50: Now I was screaming. I was so panicked by now. The doctor was there, though, and so was Brian. I pushed, they broke my water, and at 3:53 Hailey was born. She was so pretty, right away! I promptly started apologizing to everyone in the room. They were laughing at me at least. I heard several times I was third in their most dramatic deliveries! #1 was some lady who actually delivered in the lobby (I REALLY WANTED TO!!), and #2 was another lady who delivered 7minutes after arriving to the floor. Only 2 minutes shy!!! So close!

All in all, I can say I had a totally drug free delivery and Hailey and I are perfectly healthy! One nurse did say about the only thing keeping me from delivering sooner was that my water had not broken. So, we are lucky there. I really am glad we did make it to the hospital even though I so wanted to push sooner!!

Plans for a third!?! Well, we'll see. And if we do, I plan on having a live in mid wife, or nurse of some sort, maybe even a doctor for the last 4 weeks of the pregnancy. We can just PLAN on a home delivery, it will save a lot of headaches!

Week 1 went well. She's such a good baby. She eats, sleeps, poops, just like she's supposed to! We've had some good nights, and some not so good nights, but nothing outrageous! All to be expected. She passed her first doctors appointment with flying colors, she couldn't be more healthy! Her Grandma and Grandpa Bishop were here most of the week which was a big help. They helped entertain Ben and cook for us! And of course spoiled their grandkids rotten!!!

Now we just need to get my family here! They start trickling in tomorrow. My little sister made it last Sunday to relieve the neighbors from Ben duty, and she even stayed the night so Brian could stay at the hospital! My parents have been unable to come due to a BAD case of poison ivy my mother got! She ended up with an infection that cannot come anywhere near a new baby! So, she's working on getting healthy then spending some time here this coming week! I can't wait!!!! My other 2 sisters are making their way tomorrow (Monday) for an over-nighter. Should be fun!

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