Jun 12, 2011


I decided to do 2 different entries. So, if you would like to read "The Story" see the previous entry (below). Here it is in pictures! More pictures to come as I get time. So...next year some time.

One week prior, Ben helps me get things ready for baby girl's arrival!

He was a huge help!

I think we should maybe go get checked out. Brian REALLY thinks we should go get checked. Hailey was born one hour after this photo was taken. Notice, I'm sitting on MY couch!

Oh crap! Yup, notice we're still at home, but I had only been having contractions for about 45minutes at this point!

About an hour later! Hailey Louise Bishop, 6lbs 7oz, 19.75inches long!

I feel so much better! And Hailey does, too!

My hair got a little messed up!

Brian's first time changing Hailey's diaper! Note the time. Yup, we're back to seeing 3:00am again!

Daddy wouldn't change a thing!!

Mommy can think of a thing or 2 she would change, but the result is worth it! For one, next time we're driving a more comfortable car to the hospital! Not the 2003 Elantra!

The next day, Ben got to meet his new baby sister! It was precious!

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