Feb 26, 2009


I got the smile! You may even call that a laugh! Like I said before, Ben has been such a happy boy these last few days! So easy and playful! Still, it seemed whenever the camera came out he was so transfixed on it that I couldn't get the same reaction. Well, now I got it. Granted, it's the old fashioned way of blowing in the kids face so he temporarily can't breath and he thinks that's funny, but none the less, I got it!

So, even though I blogged a bit yesterday, I felt this was blog worthy. This morning it's been more of the same. Just happy Ben. He was even so good as I was on the phone (FOREVER) with stupid insurance companies. He just kicked around in his chair then swung a bit. So good!

Well, I think we're still off to Target! Our big outing!

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