Jun 18, 2009

6 Month Check Up

I thought this picture was priceless. This was nap time this morning. Abby has really taken to Ben after all! It was too cute to pass up. Then we have a picture of Ben with his cousin, Morgan. The videos are of my nieces Lianna and Meghan, and nephew Devin and their daredevil ways jumping off the dunes in front of the cottage this past weekend. We also have some updated, and more coordinated video of Ben eating. He has gotten really good at it and has a little Rice Cereal every morning and night. He is still nursing for all other meals. So far he's going back and forth quite well which makes me happy.

Whatever we're feeding him, it's still working! We had our 6 month check up this morning and he's growing like a weed! He is 29inches long, which puts him off the charts again, and 19.5lbs which puts him in the 95% for weight. He got 100% on his development assessment as he is rolling all over, sitting up unassisted for a good length of time, reaching for toys and constantly bring them to his mouth with both hands.

There is one thing! We have a flat head situation! I've always been super paranoid about it, as you may have gathered from previous posts, and really feel I have done all I could to prevent the flat head, but here it is! The doctor assured me that sometimes, this just happens. I lay him on his side or tummy to sleep, and now he just rolls onto his back. I'll roll him onto his belly, dead asleep he'll roll back to his back. When I'm with him we're constantly on tummy time or in his exersaucer, but still, here we are, flat head. The doctor gave me a referral to a neurosurgeon! Here, she says, they will measure his head, take a possible CT scan, and see if they think it will round out on it's own or if he should be fitted for a helmet. Oh yes, a helmet! Any advice from anyone?!!! I feel like a terrible mother! HELP! She did say, it's strictly cosmetic, there is nothing wrong with him. hmmm...

Other than that, everything here is going very well. We had a blast at the cottage with all his cousins. I had a blast with my sisters. All four of us together which just doesn't happen too often. We didn't sleep much and it's not the kids fault!

Hope everyone is well!

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